Our Story

Snatch-X is the brainchild of two individuals, a team of fitness enthusiasts who believe in fitness as basic need rather than a luxury. It should be reachable and reasonable to everyone. As someone said, “Success travels in the company of very hard work. There is no trick, no easy way.” Snatch-X is also no different.After hours of studying, researching, brainstorming and hardworking, somewhat above and beyond our everyday routine. We formulated one program at a time and gradually developed a huge range of effective workout routines and diet strategies.With a noble purpose and commitment,Snatch-X has now become a widespread name providing best online physical fitness platform to help you take that first step towards a fitter and healthier life.

Our Mission

Snatch-X is a catalyst to create a fitter and healthier lives

Our Essense

At our core, Snatch-X specializes in bodily transformation with physical training and nutritional changes

Our Promise

To deliver most affordable, effective workout programs, Nutrition plans and research-backed fitness guidance

Our Vibe

At Snatch-X, we make magic, we dream it, and do it-Together-everyday reinventing lives

Our Objective

At Snatch-X, we endorse eating unprocessed, whole foods, and working out for a strong, healthy body.Our objective is to help people reach their fitness goals with all the convenience of training at home, gym or while travelling.Our detailed day-to-day workout program ranges from 15-90 minutes long, from beginner level to elite athlete, from HIIT to Cross-fit, and strength training to body-weight. Our Diet and Nutrition plans contain Vegetarian, Eggetarian, Non-Vegetarian options and are formulated in a way to make them easy to prepare and inexpensive to continue.

Viren Singh

Founder, Director

PT Certified
Exercise Science Specialist
Certified Nutritionist And Dietitian
Expert Fitness Certified

Kiran Patil

Co- Founder, Director

Certified Nutritionist And Dietitian

Our Services

Individualized Workout Programs

Home – Bodyweight

Gym – Weight Training

Individualized Diet and Nutrition Plans

Athletic/Sports Training and Nutrition Programs

Functional/CrossFit Programs (Offline – Location Specific)

Supplementation Guidance