Considering my family environment, a primary contributors to my diet were oil, cheese, butter, ghee & lots of sugary foods plus my deskbound routine made things even worse. I went on adding weight around my waistline at a constant pace. I always tried to indulged myself in some kind of a physical activity but my diet kept on failing me. I then started following crazy diet routines available online but got fed up of eating boiled and tasteless food that at one point of time i completely stopped paying attention to my diet and even to health.

But somewhere my mind wasn’t able to allow me to be clouded with opinions of my friends and family over my weight and body and there i was, in search of a good gym and a coach to help me with my weight loss journey. At correct time I came across the name “Snatch-X” and without any second thought I decided to give it a try.

To enrol with them, first I had to fill up the enrolment form which had an option to provide details about myself, right from the physical, medical condition to my daily routine, eating habits, my food like-dislikes, my workout preferences etc. After the form submission, immediately I received a consultation call from a fitness coach himself to understand my requirements and to explain me the process. I was now assured enough that my decision has taken me to a correct place. I said yes to go ahead with Snatch-X and within 24hrs of that I received my first set of Workout and Nutrition plan.

I started following it with an utmost interest. Every week my progress was recorded via weekly tracker and my plans were updated according to the results.
Here I am after 5 weeks of consistency –

Weight loss – 5Kg
Waistline – Reduced to 36” from 43”

With Snatch-X Fitness program, I never had to starve myself or I had to hold my cravings. It’s crazy but true that at any time of the day, I feel full and still I am losing weight. I am able to perform exercises in gym with full strength and focus. This is surely not a complete story, I am yet to hit my goal of a perfect physique with Snatch-X but till now this has been the best best best place for me. Thank you Snatch-X.