For a second if we keep a thought of convenience aside, there are pros and cons to everything. It's a matter of choosing better option.

Let's talk about treadmill first, it has been commonly observed that treadmill is often being used as a part of regular workout/main workout. Studies has shown that you can burn same number of calories by 1% of inclination on treadmill as due to wind resistance while outdoor running.

But recent studies from 2012 found that treadmill can distort our perception of speed and can cause joint and ligament injury due to repetition of same movement for long time. While running on treadmill, your body makes less use of glute muscle as you do not require to put efforts in moving your body forward, the surface moves it for you which causes backpain and eventually results in more chances of Achilles tendon injury. Hence treadmill can be just used as relaxation or normal endurance workout but not as main cardio exercise. On the other hand, outdoor running strengthens your joints and ligaments. It also activates variety of muscles in your body as each step of yours is different and your speed is constantly changing. Outdoor running teaches your body a better balance, works better for mind and lowers the stress level. Your neuromuscular system gets strong and more efficient due to crossing over the obstacles coming your way.

There are many other advantages of outdoor running over treadmill running but for general understanding these are just few regularly observed facts.

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